The Casket Arts Community is comprised of three beautifully renovated old factory buildings in Northeast Minneapolis, plus the NE Sculpture Gallery and outdoor sculpture park. The three historic structures – the Casket Arts Building, the Carriage House, and the Factory – had been the Northwestern Casket Company from 1882 until converted to art studios in 2006.  Over 150 artists and art-based businesses inhabit the Casket Arts Community. Most of the tenants run full-time working studios and open their work spaces for building events and by appointment.

Masks are welcomed throughout the campus.

Over 90 artists will open their studios to the public Art-A-Whirl® weekend, sharing new and exciting work after two years of being shuttered. With art demonstrations, live music, food trucks and special events galore the three buildings will be buzzing with excitement!
Check out the schedule and plan your visit @ Instagram: #casketarts. New postings daily!