Shelly Mosman

In my photographs I negotiate and characterize the balance between my own vision and the unknown and often powerful potential given by each portrait's subject. I am drawn to certain…

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Donna Webb

Donna Webb is an artist whose works are in the permanent collection of The Walker Art Center, The Plains Art Museum, and numerous private collections. She taught art at Normandale Community College for ten years, Spring Hill Waldorf School for seven years, the Center for Wholeness for twenty years, and currently teaches in collaboration with the Edina Art Center, Novalis Institute, and at her studio #302 at The Casket Arts Carriage House.

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Deborah Foutch

Deborah Foutch is an artist whose palette, sense of line, light, and space, is deeply informed by the landscape she grew up in. A native Iowan, she was raised in a creative family that showed her how to look around and see the shape, color and texture of things and appreciate the beauty of nature’s chance combinations.

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Paula Barkmeier

Paula’s mixed media installations explore the essential connection between humans, animals, and the whole of nature. Her studies in conventional and alternative medicine, as well as her spiritual explorations, have been powerful influences on her creative process. Equally informative to her process has been the mothering of her two amazing boys. In addition to Paula’s career as an artist, she is a trained homeopath and bodyworker, practicing out of her home in the Bryn Mawr neighborhood of Minneapolis. She continues to exhibit her work both locally and nationally at various galleries as well as in her studio at the Casket Arts Building in northeast Minneapolis, #114.

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