Donna Webb

Donna Webb

Donna’s studies of the Hauschka Therapeutic Painting Technique became the cornerstone of her Master’s Thesis on Wholistic Arts, blending art therapy techniques with studio arts. Donna is currently taking training in the Collot methods of “Light Color and Darkness“.

Full Moon Creative Arts
What thoughts does the Full Moon inspire in you? A unique and poignant or powerful time? A time outside of normal reality? What would Full Moon Creativity be for you?

Visit or www.fullmooncreativearts for the current schedule of classes Donna is offering.

You might also be interested in art classes to expand your creative life with a group of artists that wish to share their skills and passion for art… held in Big Sunny Studios in The Casket Arts Carriage House.

My recent work stems from my studies of Liane Collot d’Herbois and Light, Darkness and Colour. I have tried to capture light entering the darkness by working with charcoal, the dark substance remaining after destruction by fire.

This has been a valuable metaphor for me of the balance where we live our lives, between Heaven and Earth.

The following are from the “Witness to the Incarnation” Series.